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3D Services

At jbA we use Photorealistic visualisation and 3D printing throughout the design process. Gone are the days of only using 2D CAD plans to explain projects to clients and contractors. Now at jbA every project benefits from the creation of 3D visualisations whether it be initial feasibility all the way through to planning and construction.


We have our own in-house team who support the technical and architectural teams with the creation of external and internal visualisations led by Nat Ellis, Head of 3D Visualisation.


jbA are also using cutting edge 3D printing technology in house to create detailed 3D printed models in PLA plastic. Using the latest AirWolf 3D printer jbA can print scaled models of buildings and internal rooms. Having a 3D model helps with any questions about the scale, placement or features of the design and makes the whole design process much smoother for our clients. 


We can now also provide clients with a 1:50 scale printed 3D model of their proposed kitchen. We will provide a full set of 1:50 scale printed kitchen units to allow you to design your kitchen and get a feel for space and size before committing to an order. 


The latest innovation at jbA is 360 degree Panoramic views, jbA use photorealistic images to provide a virtual 3D view of any room before it is built or refurbished. Being able to look around a virtual room is a key design tool for our clients and jbA continue to lead the way in using 3D Technology to give clients a clear understanding of their project.