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A full refurbishment with a major side extension to a small arts and crafts style cottage in Chichester, this project was undertaken to maximise the value and impact of the property while retaining the original arts and crafts feel. As well as the major work carried out on the main building, an outdoor pool house and library were also later added to the house.  

"jbA helped us turn a two-up, two-down little arts and crafts cottage on the northern fringes of Chichester, into a large five bedroom property that would not look out of place in wood clad and shaker influenced northern America.

John worked with our vision and was so accommodating of our own creative concepts. Always trying to help us "the client" achieve our goals for design and functionality. Sometimes an architect practice will try to influence a clients creative thoughts too much and overpower with their own style. John was far from this. He simply guided, advised and supported us on the design journey.

We also used John to help with the project management of the building inspection process with the council. Again John was very supportive. We would highly recommend jbA."