3D Printed Models

jbA is now pioneering the use of 3D printing throughout its design process. Using cutting edge 3D printing technology, we can create detailed 3D printed models made from PLA plastic. The models are created on the latest AirWolf 3D printer that enables us to print scaled models of buildings and internal rooms.

Having a 3D model helps with any questions about the scale, placement or features of the design and makes the whole design process much smoother for our clients. Gone are the days of only using 2D CAD plans to explain projects to clients and contractors.

Now all of our projects benefit from the creation of 3D prints whether it be initial feasibility all the way through to planning and construction.

The models that jbA produce with their Airwolf HDx Printer are scaled so perfectly that they can actually be placed directly on a drawing blueprint to make the 2D plan come to life!

This is an important tool because it allows non-architects to “read” the blueprint with the same level of understanding as the designer.

The large build volume of the Airwolf 3D printer allows us to create bigger models than most competing brands; and the dual print-head configuration enables us to print models with more complex geometries.

By using this advanced technology, we are saving our clients both time and money by providing the means to allow them to develop clear ideas of how their new proposed space will look.

These new methods of architectural presentation not only benefit the client but also help to ensure contractors on site have a clear understanding of the end-product, creating a far more streamlined process for all involved.


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